4 ways to improve your meditation skills

Meditation is a very personalized activity. You can meditate the first thing in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon. You may meditate lying or sitting. You might meditate for two minutes or two hours. You can only meditate when you want to connect with the Spirit or you might meditate every day. The following is a suggestion to help make meditation as productive and easy for you.

Eliminate interference

Needless to say that you don’t want to be disturbed when meditating. Not only is it important to eliminate interference, also vital to eliminate the possibility of interference. Don’t just tell yourself that no one will call; Take the actual step off your cellphone. Don’t meditate ten minutes before your partner will run at the door; Give yourself a lot of time when you know that no one will go home. When you don’t eliminate the possibility of interference, your brain can be focused on waiting for the phone ringing, waiting for your partner to walk at the door. Let your brain feel comfortable knowing that there will be no interference.

Choose your location carefully

Don’t be satisfied with fewer when it comes to choosing where you will meditate. Make sure every part of your body is relaxed, comfortable and comfortable. Use your creativity to find the best location. Maybe on the sofa with feet accordingly, sitting on the floor with a pillow that supports you, you might find yourself down in your favorite lazy chair or sit outside in the lounge chair. Also look at the temperature. Are you too warm? Too cold?

Select goal

Why did you meditate? Will you make an assessment whether it’s a successful meditation? What will you base the assessment? You might look for insights about the questions you have. For example, want to know if you have to take a new job. Maybe you want to connect with your passion guide. Maybe you want mental clarity and increased concentration. Maybe you have a full pressure day and just want to feel more calm and more relaxed. At the beginning of each meditation set a goal for yourself. This helps to compile your meditation a little and make it more productive for you.

Try various meditation techniques

Not only is there more than one way to meditate there are dozens of ways. Some more popular techniques include:

Focus on your breathing: Take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for a count, then exhale through your mouth. For example: breathe for six, hold for a count of four, and exhale for a count of six.

Guided Meditation: There are hundreds, if not thousands, recorded recorded meditation. Guided mediation recordings come in various subjects. Some help you to relax, others help you to connect with the enthusiasm guide, some help you accept insight into your higher self. See if guided meditation works for you.

Do an activity: Meditation does not have to involve sitting and shut up. You might find that your meditation is far more productive if you are involved in an activity. Some people choose to meditate during gardening, others when exercising. Many people feel helpful to meditate while in nature. Maybe when walking or sitting on a bench in their garden.

Listen to fountains: In recent years decorative fountains have become popular. You can take it at the target or Wal-Mart for under $ 20. You might find the sound of a fountain to be very relaxed.

To conclude

Meditation is an individual practice. Don’t force yourself to believe that it must be done in a certain way. Not. Meditate in a way that works for you. Be creative and try various techniques. Good luck for you!

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